Printing Non Adjacent Ranges

You may have a worksheet where you need to print ranges that are not adjacent to each other.  Here is a fast way to set it up.

Printing Non Adjacent Ranges Exercise

We put together a sample worksheet with dummy data.  This exercise is in the spreadsheet file mentioned above.  Of course this is a small amount of data which could print on one sheet, but we do it three sheets for the sake of the exercise. 

There are two steps to the process to set up printing:

You now have set up non adjacent ranges to print.  A couple finishing touches:

If you have non adjacent ranges in a worksheet that do not flow, you might want to ask if it would make more sense to reorganize the work in separate worksheets. 

If it still makes sense to keep the material together on one worksheet, then you can use this tip to quickly set up non adjacient ranges to print.

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